Property Asset Management

In Denmark

The leading property Asset Management company in Denmark

DATEA employs 340 people in the Copenhagen based head office. Another 30 people work from branch offices in Aarhus and Næstved. 


DATEA manages more than 2,000 properties covering an area of 7 million m² and 21,500 apartments in residential properties and housing cooperatives. Among DATEA’s primary clients are pension funds, mortgage credit institutions, banks and our parent company DADES.

Asset Management

We are able to handle the entire investment process from beginning to end on behalf of our clients – from re- search, risk analysis and strategic portfolio management to active asset management, letting and property management. We focus on maximizing property value for investment purposes to increase portfolio returns.
In cooperation with our clients we lay down the portfolio strategy based on a risk analysis from a top-down insight with input from our in-house research team. Our Asset Management is based on a bottom-up approach securing the very best opportunities for the properties according to the strategy.
Our objective is to provide the platform that enables our clients to maximize property value and investment returns. This means reducing expenditures when possible, finding the most consistent and best sources of revenue, and reduces liability and risk.

Property faces the risk of wear and tear, tends to deteriorate over time, and often takes a decidedly more complex process to buy and sell. Our Asset Management team is therefore specialized in particular types of segments or operations. An important role for our Asset Managers consists of market research, data analysis and revenue forecasting. Leases and rental agreements need to be structured in a way that attracts tenants, provides flexibility, reduces vacancies and limits liability exposure. Resources need to be apportioned strategically.

The team analyses the market development and portfolios for our clients. Market development consists of the fol- lowing sections:
•    Macroeconom
•    Investment Market including largest transactions
•    Occupational Market including largest lettings
•    Specific market trends

One of the research team’s primary responsibilities is to establish and maintain a central register of historical and future market performance, returns and cost analysis. The team is able to analyse the forecasts for:
•    Specific property
•    Certain property or tenant types
•    Sectors or segments

The result and forecasts for the respective sectors, local markets and single properties will help our clients make the best decisions.

Property Asset Management

For us it is all about understanding the client’s business and property portfolio while also having an open dialogue with the tenants. A disciplined administrative approach to the data that is necessary for day-to-day business and reporting is crucial to us and forms the basis for everything we do. We therefore see no limits to our services whether they be management of residential and commercial property, property companies, or properties with financing problems.

In DATEA we have the power to find solutions to our clients’ needs. 

Management and letting 
We bring new life to tenancies or leases, no matter whether it be office leases, residential leases or retail leases. Our focus is long term and we excel in creative solutions. We see opportunities rather than limitations when it comes to commercial and residential properties and management of shopping centres. 

Compared to estate agents in general, in DATEA we are prepared for projects with more volume, several units and higher complexity. This also includes project leases.

Accounting and reporting 
In DATEA we translate property data into useful knowledge for our clients and we create the complete financial overview for your property or portfolio. We can assist you with all kinds of reporting, analysis or calculation of key figures. Year-end reporting and preparation of fully documented material for your accountant are also part of our services. So are annual reports, tax returns, and estimates and budgets based on future expectations for your business. 

Administration and technical support 
There is more to property than just bricks and mortar. Technical administration and maintenance including condition assessments, maintenance plans, construction management, financial controlling as well as cleaning and maintenance of indoor and outdoor areas are all tasks where we may assist you. Project management is another area of expertise. Here our highly skilled teams of architects, engineers, constructing architects, draftsmen and project managers take over. In case you need professional assistance to choose the perfect sustainable solution for your property, we may also help you. 

Leave it to DATEA to take care of the daily responsibilities of your housing cooperative. We can manage all the tasks that a cooperative may face. We secure that the board of the cooperative remains up-to-date on relevant legislation and general housing related developments. We also take care of obligatory reporting to relevant public authorities. Furthermore, as a part of the agreement with DATEA you get the opportunity to draw on the knowledge of our technical and legal departments. Your cooperative will also get access to the online tool NETproperty, which enables you to trace all transactions in your cooperative. On top of that, a new website with all the latest documents will enable residents to be up-to-date.

Want to learn more?

Are you in charge of an old, well-managed residential property you may only need assistance with the very basics such as rent collection and heating and administration accounts. But maybe you are running a commercial property with vacant leases? Or perhaps a construction project or a cooperative? 

Whatever your situation, DATEA has the expertise and we are able to offer you a unique solution regarding any type of property.
Let us meet for a talk about which opportunities may be valuable for the continuous development of your business.

Lars Brondt, Market and Development Director
45 26 09 35 eller


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